Level 34 is a newly-formed digital marketing firm based in Northern California, focusing on the food & beverage industry, as well as having extensive experience in automotive, healthcare, and community-based non-profits. We specialize in brand strategy, video content creation, and social media engagement.
Having experienced the 'agency way' (with clients such as Toyota, Warner Bros., and McDonald's), our team sees a more nimble, reponsive way of marketing (Agency 3.0) where the benefits of digital media and social platforms have created a new landscape that 'traditional' agencies still - incredibly - struggle to truly embrace.
But for us, it all starts with creating high-quality, engaging content. We start with defining positive differentiators from your competition, then developing a strong and memorable brand personality. Those become the foundation for crafting highly-effective video spots that tell compelling stories and resonate with an audience who will become YOUR NEXT BEST CUSTOMERS.
Samples of our campaigns and video spots are here >