Campaigns: Videos, Posts & Content Creation
Level 34 concepts, shoots, and edits high-quality, digital content - and we do it all "in-house." This tight integration from concept thru production and performance means we keep a sharp focus on what the spot is meant to accomplish - be it brand awareness, product knowledge, associative marketing - in an entertaining, evocative, and engaging way.
Our creative team also stays up on what's working best in driving quality engagement. We understand that traditional product 'ads' simply don't resonate in the new context of social media - and that different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et al) reward different creative and engagement strategies. Our spots then test several creative 'themes' - (individually or in combination) - that help refine who a brand's customers are and what they might respond to best:
Stop-motion animation proved a good fit to give life and personality to the ingredients of an infused bourbon. 'March of the Orange Peels' evoked Christmastime favorites like 'Frosty the Snowman' and 'Babes in Toyland.' 'Ice Dancing' was timed to post with the Closing Ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Sometimes the best joke is a quick joke. Highly shareable and timely spots keyed to holidays and major events. Our 'Hands' series plays with a running thru-line of a different hand (Halloween Monster; Xmas Santa; Valentine's Day Couple) reaching into frame to grab the product.
Using something familiar and positive to potential customers that creatively ties in to the product. For launches, we created spots specific to those particular states to start building a customer relationship.