Design: Delighting Your Next Best Customers
Level 34's creative team has extensive experience in TV and film production, graphic and motion design, customer/user experience, and web/application design. Amazingly all of these come into play in digital marketing. Who knew?
Our User-Centered Design process includes researching and analyzing your industry, your competitors, and especially your customers: their journey, their touchpoints, and their motivations. Real Design Thinking is actually a lot simpler when there is first-hand knowledge of WHO YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE and agreement on what OUTCOMES you want. Only then do you start to decide what the right TONE or STYLE are to accomplish those goals. It's quite amazing how easily the subjective landmines of arguing over colors and fonts and edits vanish when everyone sees and agrees on the bigger picture goals that prioritize the CUSTOMERS' NEEDS. (Then of course you crush the visuals :) )