Social: Engaging Your Next Best Customers
Marketing in the age of Facebook is a very different beast than buying a full-page ad in a newspaper or magazine. In the social world, if you can engage your initial viewers, then all their 'shares' and 'likes' and 'comments' multiply your ad buy exponentially. It's really quite remarkable. The trick is to craft a story that resonates emotionally, using some of the following themes:
Perhaps somewhat counter-intuitively, having the product play more of a 'supporting character' role in these stories can actually increase the reach. (Maybe that's why some agencies don't quite get social, since they instinctively make the product the 'star' character). Our team's previous work in Brand Integration (Toyota on ABC's 'Modern Family;' Brand X on XYZ's Show) specialized in this subtle but powerful type of 'low-pressure' marketing.