Strategy: Finding Your Next Best Customers
The team at Level 34 loves great research. Taking the time to learn about your customers (present and future), where they are, where they go, touchpoints, competitors, and industry trends, always results in more targeted, higher impact work. We also recognize that powerful marketing is multi-dimensional, so while digital and social is increasingly important, other streams, using their inherent strengths, must complement and reinforce the brand's message along the entire customer journey.
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest: shareable, likeable, emotionally resonant content. More ‘friends telling friends’ than ‘ads’ - more organic but less control. Imagining the product as more of a supporting character in a story often leads to more sharing.
Product integration, blogs, podcasts. More curated & ‘on message,’ mostly a traditional ‘one-way’ engagement. response/engagement not as measurable as social.
Events, POP signage, B2B sales tools. Even in today’s hyper-digital time (maybe even especially), experiences are extra-special and impactful, and when the online and offline worlds complement each other, they can reinforce the brand message very powerfully.