Case Studies

Bearcat Bourbon

Brand Video

Bearcat Bourbon

MISSION: Leverage a youthful, urban, and diverse style and audience to update the tired image of bourbon customers as mature men with cigars.



Social Media





  • Increase awareness of an emerging brand in a crowded space
  • Expand potential customer base
  • Don’t take bourbon too seriously for 30-40 demographic
  • Illustrate a youthful scene beyond beer and wine
  • Embrace fun & snark


Brand marketing video as a friendly and compelling approach to a traditional product in a new light with a younger audience.

Web Design

Goji Kitchen Restaurant

MISSION: Resurrect an aging web property for a popular restaurant in Sonoma County, CA, to enhance general engagement and online ordering.

UI Design

Technical Consultation

Security Enhancement

Client Training



Goji Kitchen
Goji Kitchen
Goji Kitchen testimonial


  • Overhaul site as responsive to mobile devices
  • Drastically simplify to get customers what they want now: ordering online
  • Reduce visual noise for a streamlined and cohesive color palette and look
  • Add standard SSL encryption for viewer safety and enhanced SEO
  • Ensure client can edit content easily and simply


The site received its complete facelift with a streamlined main navigation to place the few critical items in the fore.


Encryption had never been installed, a major oversight that harms Google ratings. A new host was acquired that supports free SSL while security was improved with standard firewall software.


Ensure mobile customers have easy access to essentials on any screen: Ordering, Menus & Location.

Ease of Use

The client needed content access to update photos and menus. A modular theme was installed to make changes simple for lay users.


Walk-through videos & step-guides were produced to help the client stay on course and finish edits quickly (because cooking delicious meals is the real priority!).


Utilize SSL Certificate, server optimizations & HTML best practices to ensure search engine results.


A cleaner, more vibrant, secure, and easily navigated website on desktops and mobile devices.


6th Street Playhouse

MISSION: Rebrand a performing arts venue and theatre education organization, to raise revenues, broaden the audience and build a comprehensive marketing department, under the constraints of pandemic and post-pandemic conditions.




Social Media




  • Reduced income and restricted opportunities due to COVID pandemic
  • Reëngage dwindling audience due to age and lapsed promotional processes
  • Global overhaul of design and technology stack of antiquated website
  • Remedy insufficient use of social media and online promotional methods
  • Accommodate insufficient staffing and budget to serve marketing needs
  • Address problematic or poor communication processes within the organization

Multi-Platform Marketing Campaigns

Increased awareness by hiring a qualified web designer to upgrade the website and make it part of a vibrant cross-media marketing tool.

Audience Outreach & Engagement

Broadened the audience by creating progressive marketing material to resonate with a younger demographic via social media, digital print, video, and community outreach to appropriate organizations and businesses.

Rebranded Organization

Updated existing material and content more in line with current, more productive marketing practices along with improving overall aesthetics to all marketing materials.

B2B Alliances

Reconnected and formed new associations with local media and provided them with a collection of creative assets to assist in a broader reach to the community.

Communication & Safety

Managed public perception and ticket sales, by diligently clarifying and updating the community about our Covid policies and measures the playhouse took to ensure our audience’s safety.

Analytics & Data Management

Provided decision-makers with research and analysis to help them adapt new marketing practices.

Budget Management

Combated budget limitations by increasing earned media through partnerships with local like- minded organizations, and negotiating better deals with print, digital, radio, tv outlets.


A comprehensive & achievable management plan was implemented across media and disciplines to benefit the organization’s output and bottom line.

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